Traditional Sponge Cake

I was into the mood to attempt the basic traditional sponge cake last Sunday. The good old simple sponge cake would be nice after all my various attempts of various mix and sorts.

Without hesitation, I surfed and found the receipe from Aunty Lucy's webpage. Yes, Aunty Lucy's bakes are fabulicious and yummilicious. And yes, I am still dreaming perhaps one fine day, I will make a house visit and devour her bakes. Greedy thoughts of mine!

The receipe steps seem simple. Yet, when I attempt it, it aint at all. It was challenging especially when the nicely whipped eggs with sugar seem to deflate almost instantly when I added in the flour and corn oil. You could imagine my frustration during the process as I looked helplessly as the egg mix with flour seem to diminish in proportion.

Though fortunately, the bake turned out decent, i.e. edible. It was on the dry and coarse. Maybe I should have been gentler during the mixing. Ah well, its my first attempt. And yes, it did taste like kueh bulu, a little at least.

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