Chocolate Brownies

After the over indulgence into chiffon cakes baking previousy, its about time for some baking changes.

I have had this All receipes chocolate brownies for the longest time. The last chocolate brownies receipe was from another blogger.

As the afternoon heat was overbearing, I was not in the mood to travel to get the baking ingredients. And so I went to the nearby NTUC and grabbed Hersey's baking chocolate and chocolate powder for this chocolate brownies receipe.

In the midst of the baking, I forgot to add the vanilla essence, something which I usually would have generously added.

Nevertheless, this bake turned out simple, soft and just right for our taste buds.

Another sweet bake for the weekend. Nice.


Dessicated Coconut Chiffon Cake

Mom was curious why the recent craze over chiffon cake baking recently by me and even queried the 'neglect' of the other baking tins in the cupboard.

As a matter of fact, I was just wanting to bake light spongy cakes and chiffon was the best option to go with.

We had just finished up a lovely yoghurt mango cake from Cedele recently for my younger sister's birthday. It was tasty, nice combi of sourish taste with tinge of sweetness. Interesting richness with yoghurt cream mix with mango jello.

For this receipe, it was from Jo's blog. Her receipe called for coconut powder and guess what, i thought i did grab a pack during my last NTUC shopping trip, but it was not to be.

And so, I replaced coconut powder with dessicated coconut and the final product was as good as it gets. Mom loved the aroma from this bake. And so do I.

Gonna start baking other versions of cake soon manz coz otherwise, I'll be chiffon baker only.

Cheers !


Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Call me a chiffon craze, I must admit. In fact, last week I had a disappointing taro chiffon cake which really dampened my weekend. Can you imagine the frustration of the egg whites not turning stiff peak despite having whisked it for at least 25mins manually ? The perspiration and the strain on the arms coupled with the heat of last Sunday added the heat of the disappointment.

Hence, this week again, another trial, another review, another attempt at green tea chiffon cake. This receipe originates from Florence's blog and its for keeps. Though Mom's not too keen into this chiffon cake, I believe it is the strong green tea powder after taste that was not to her liking. Perhaps, I should get the original Japanese macha tea powder next time. I am a green tea lover and hope to 'convert' my Mom in the process too. I hope.

Nice turnout of the chiffon cake. I had better resume trials of other bakes soon coz Mom's been nagging the other ingredients 'sitting' in the cupboard.

Stay tuned.