Chocolate Cheesecake Cuppies

This receipe is from Aunty Peony's blogsite. Rather than baking it in baking pan, i made it into cuppies for easy of sharing with friends and colleagues.

1st batch was 'distorted' due to my greed and as it overflowed and oozed out of the paper cups, and as I had extra cream cheese which was delicious, I scooped a tsp over to camouflage. It does seem better looking after that.

2nd batch turned out better as I moderated the proportion abit better and therein, a little wiser. This batch was shared with friends of mine whom I have not met for quite awhile due to our hectic work schedule. Hope they enjoyed it. Well, they received it via my sister who met with one of them to hand over to the rest of them. They are all staying in the north east whereas I stay in the west, the only best meeting place is the central where my sister is working, good reason aint it ?

Reminder again for me is more patience in baking coz over zealous greed can result in not perfect end product. Yes, patience indeed.

Cheers !


Burnt Almond Torte

It had been a roller coaster at work for the last 2 weeks. Mentally draining. Well, that has to be shelved aside for now....

Last week, for the very 1st time, up close with the renowed Chef Sam Leong at Shermay's last Sun. Attended his culinary class for his new cookbook which I bought and had his autograph as well. He is indeed a very humble chef despite his popularity and reputation, theres no airs about him. He's got good sense of humor too with boyish shyness and genunine friendliness in his mannerism. Ya, finally got to see my idol ! So happy, I feel girlish ... hahha... Gotta try his cookbook receipes one of these days too....

Well, better not digress. Heres my 1st attempt at baking this Burnt Almond Torte which I had been eyeing to bake for the longest time, ya, other receipes just swings before my eyes and this receipe is set aside.

Love the aroma of the almond baking, in fact, I was initially 'concerned' when I witnessed the uneven rising of the cake while it was in the oven, however, it turned out quite alright afterall.

The generous sliced almond toppings with the almond meal goodness...with sunflower oil instead of melted butter, a healthy cake to delight indeed.

Sweet weekend again...


Lemon Meringue Pie

99cts for 3 lemons, that was the price tag and i bought 6 lemons straight off from NTUC a week ago. i had been hesitating what to do with the lemons in the fridge as there are many receipes from various blogsites of Aunty Lucy, Florence from HK, HHB, All Receipes etc on lemony cakes. And for me, lemon cakes has this tangy taste that whets up my appetite so very muchie.

Finally decided on the receipe to follow, cant remember from whose blogsites, pardon me, but heres my 1st trial of Lemon Meringue Pie.

As you can see, the sides are kinda burnt due to the 'overflow' from the melting process from the hot humid hazy weather of ours in tropical Spore,and the natural 'demolition' that follows once it enters the oven. Ah yes, now I know.

Interesting attempt nonetheless. My 2nd sister enjoys the tangy lemony taste with the subtle meringue layer. And in fact, she prefers this Lemon Meringue Pie over the other bakes I have done so far. Hmm.... how should I measure up to that .....

Anyway, baking is leisure.... more experimental receipes will follow.... and thats how the passion continues..... lovely.....

Blueberry Yoghurt Butter Cake (BYBC)

This is a delayed posting which would not have been made possible if not for Small small baker's information to 'unwrangle' the blogger.com 'crisis'. Thank you Small small baker. =D

Bought 2 punnets of blueberries from NTUC 2 weeks ago while it was on sale, i.e. 2 punnets for less than $5. On that same weekend, I baked this blueberry yoghurt butter cake.

I love the softness and moistness of the cake and blueberries are great antioxidants for us all too. The pictures says it all.