Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Its been a long while since I last baked or updated my blog. Working affairs have drained and disheartened me quite a fair bit. Alas, work and life continues as we awake to every new day light.

Anyway, I have had this receipe from the Betty Saw's baking book for the longest time and finally, while flipping through the many pages of drooling bake receipes, I decided to bake this pineapple upside down cake on Monday.

The ingredients are simple as the looks of it too. Basically, our tropical canned rounded pineapple, eggs, flour,butter, sugar....... ingredients we will have as we bake regularly. right ?

And tadah ! Heres my cupcake version with tiny bites of pineapple on the base. Neat, soft, moist, cutey and delish. It was supposed to be in the traditional, conventional round pan with the red cherries... but simple it is for my attempt.

Yums indeed.