Zebra Cake

Viewing foodgawker has become a daily affair for me since I chanced upon it from Aunty Peony's blogsite some time back. Theres no turning back. International bakes and cookings from the multitude of talented ladies out there are amazing too. Our endless quest for home cooked / home baked food bonds us in sweetness pursuit to delight the palate of our loved ones indeed.

When I spotted the zebra cake uploaded by one of the foreign blogger, I was wondering if I should attempt it again. I did a trial last year, the receipe was from Aunty Lucy's blogpage, Fly African.

The main difference is that this latest receipe only requires 4 Large eggs which kind of simplified the whole process coz otherwise, I would be 'stranded' with the egg yolks for next few days until the weekend comes around again for my next weekly bake.

It was fun with slight impatience as the afternoon heat almost got the better of me as I was doing the preparation stage for the mixing and blending. The layering created by the alternate scoop of plain and then chocolate layer. Obvious unevenness has resulted a natural flowy arty look which nevertheless turned out pretty.

Even Mom was captivated by the arty look, that which also brings much pleasure to me.

The cake texture was moist and soft, and it is a simple receipe for keeps indeed.




Borrowed this Hamlyn Published baking book from the community library over the last week and decided came across this receipe of Raspberry and Coconut Friands.

I was like, hmm, what are friands, and heres the link
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financier_(pastry), the extract " The friands that have become popular in Australia and New Zealand appear to have been based on the French financier; however, Australian and New Zealand friands typically have additional flavorings such as coconut, chocolate, fruit, and nuts. Australian / New Zealand friands are traditionally baked in oval shapes. The French friand (puff pastry wrapped around a sausage) is not related to either the financier or the Australian/New Zealand friand.
Financiers are somewhat similar to
madeleines." Interesting.

Then again, how is it possible to buy raspberries in the west end HDB area, and hence, I had to tweak the receipe to Rum Raisin and Coconut Friands instead.

And finally found the the cuppies that fit my muffin tray in this little HDB shop. Its about 50pcs for $1.20, abit costly but now I know where to get the stuff. For all you know, well, its just that I have not found the right sized cuppies and had to compromise on the shape and volume of the intended end product.

Soaked the raisins in dark Myes rum for about 2 hours and had these nice little cuppies. Topped some of the cuppies with 3 rum soaked raisins so as not to have anyone 'drunk' from eating the muffins of mine.

Just look at the zoomed up 4th picture, aint it a cutey, sweet smilely face. ..

Another sweet touch to another weekend.