Winter Solstice (Chinese Dongzhi)

These were prepared 2 days' ago and are fully consumed last night.
Dongzhi, in chinese calendar, represents the preparation of CNY in 6 weeks' time, and also signifies that, we have grown a year older too! Time flies.
On that eve of Winter Solstice morning, in preparation, I mistakenly used rice flour instead of glutinuous rice flour again (this happened last year too, so forgetful of me) and had to throw the 1st batch of tough rice balls away.
And with the help of my 2nd sister, who was also on leave, I 'speedily' kneaded a fresh batch using the correct flour, glutinuous rice flour, colored the greens and pinks, with the natural whites mini tang yuans, to complete the Christmasy look. The bigger tang yuans in white and pink were purchased from NTUC, with red bean or peanut fillings.
Love the look of the mini tang yuans in picture as they are adorably grape shaped sizes (instead of the nice rounds which we did not manage to create that nicely).
Syrup was simply, a pot of boiling water, a stalk of bruised pandan leaves, 3 slices of bruised ginger, rock sugar to taste and viola, ready to be served.
Mom as usual was 'rambling' about 'too much' colorings, however, she was rather pleased with the end products as the bright colors were cheerfully bowled her over. She much preferred the QQ taste of the minis which were handmade.
Christmas soon, in another 2 days from today, and following which another new year of 2011 awaits us all.
Last minute shopping awaits me in an hour from now. Dashing through the crowds and engaging in the celebration of the holiday season too.
Cheers ! Peace ! Joy! Love! Joy to all !!!!


Upside Down Pineapple Cake

Just love the sight of the slightly burnt look of baked pineapple ... at a glance, reminds me of my favourite Hawaiian pizza, something which I have not eaten for quite some time.

Then again, the real stuff, none other than the moist, spongy, sweet, tangy Upside Down Pineapple Cake. Do not be deceived by the darkened, almost burnt brown look, assurance even from my Mom that its delightful yummy, guaranteed.

Not the 1st attempt, but more successful looking bake compared.

Simple bake, tangy bites of pineapple slices, nice cuppa of teh O or kopi O.... purrfect !


Pistachio KitchenAid KM150

Finally, a owner of KA KM150.....

Purchased this heavy weight item at a discount at Robinsons 2 months' back....

My sister commented the color seems retro...

Havent started using it though .... precious....

Would be a waste to leave it just sitting around....

Something to whip up with it soon... very soon.....

Honey Chitron Chiffon Cake

How I missed taking photos of my bakes ...

I have been busy and had been lazy...

With the recent 'uproar' about eggs, there in my fridge, was 6 large Chews' eggs waiting to be 'devoured'. Expiry date = 31 Jul 2010. My mind screamed " next week ?!!!" Gotta do something quick and fast not to waste the eggs.

Hmmm... something soft and light would be good coz last week I baked buttery cake which was gist too heavy.

Then the bottle of Korean Honey Chitron Tea on the dining table caught my eyes. Honey Chitron Chiffon Cake it shall be and there I went again.... mixing, whisking, folding, pouring and baking.

The dampness of yesterday afternoon makes the whiff of fresh bake lingers even sweeter in the whole house. (i mean just a simple 4 room HDB flat). And Mom was asking "smells good, is the cake ready for eating ?"

Yes, I must make it a point to bake and get my passion on track, otherwise I would lose my touch. As it is homebaked freshness surpasses maketh from love and passion whips a different fill for the stomach.

Cheerios !


Rum Mixed Fruits Sponge Cake

Feeling feverish the previous weekend, followed by coughs for the last 2 weeks have deterred me from my favourite past time, baking. Had not been sleeping well until recently, when the coughs started to ease and yes, constant reminder again, health is important yah, folks bear that in mind too.

Anyway, I was browsing Food Gawker webpage the other day and came across this Rum Raisin Sponge Cake which looks yummliciously soft and tempting, well, you know the rum added raisin thought just sends me grinning somehow. Alcoholic I am not, but anytime get me Rum and Raisin ice cream, you wont disappoint me, not at all.

I was looking for golden raisins for the bake, but was not able to find any in NTUC, so instead I got a box dried mixed fruit and soaked in with 2 tbsp of Meyers Dark Rum last night.

Started my bake straight after lunch and viola, this is the lovely product. Just drool at the sight of the spongy softness of the cake and the right sweetness too.

As for the rum bit, even non alcoholic sister was not able to decipher as it was not overwhelming unlike the traditional fruit cake which is overly soaked and overly sweet.

Looks like this is THE receipe to replace the conventional fruit cake receipe. Enjoy the picture whilst I enjoy my home baked cake. Nice way to a weekend past time for me.


Fresh Blueberries Muffins @ cupcakes....

Oh, the weather is so hot and humid today, yet no lazying around. The day started with a bit of housework, that is, mop the floor.

Had my shower, ate Korean instant noodles for lunch, and was beginning to feel restless when I decided to browse Aunty Lucy's blogpage for inspiration. Simple bake should be ok.

Fresh blueberries were selling at $2.88 per punnet at NTUC and I bought 2 punnets. So this is my take of fresh blueberries cupcakes.
This is a receipe for muffins, then again I tweaked it with 100g of ground almond as I ran out of cake flour and I do not have muffin trays.... so... well, you know.

Simply love the purplish look of the blueberries oozing within the cake batter whilst it baked and aint my paper cupcake lovely in pink red flowers with green leaves adorned.

(*pictures taken when bakes were fresh out of oven at 3pm just now....)


Fried Rice & Supreme Chocolate Cake

Somehow managed to work out a compromise with Mom that spring cleaning will be kept to a minimal today and then dinner will be fried rice by me. Telepathy you may say, fried rice was THE choice concurred from the start in the morning.

After spring cleaning, a little rest, had some time in the afternoon before dinner time, so I tried the making of the receipe titled Supreme Chocolate Cake. Topped it with walnuts and added some Hersey's mini semi sweet chocolate bites into it as well. If you like bitter chocolate, this the one for you.

Then comes the fried rice, mixed vegetables, char siew, eggs, bite size pineapples and viola, heres a simple dish ready to be served for dinner for Mom and my siblings.

Arms feels extremely well toned today. Yeah, work off that 'butterflies', if you know what I mean.