Stir Fried Vegetables

After baking the blueberry cake, Mom was commenting that it was such a long while since I last cooked. Well, that seems quite true because I have been engrossed in work and then baking.

And so, to win Mom's 'heart', I checked the fridge and took out some balance stalks of "kai lan", celery, carrot and ham. Yes, it was a simple stir fried vegetable with no added seasoning needed as the ham in itself has salty taste plus the miscellaneous ingredients within the 2 thin slice of fats, meat etc. Lets not dwell into it too deeply.

All I did was to wash the vegetables, sliced and diced the vegetables and ham. With just tbsp of corn oil, stir fried using the Chinese wok, viola, this is the simplicity at its best. A healthy plate of vegetables.

Mom was teasing me for taking picture of this dish for my blogging. Well, I thought it will be nice to share that I do cook sometimes too. Sometimes perhaps more 'adventurous' than Mom's. Then again, there are always the branded Mom's dishes which cant be copied.

Ya, Mom's the word. You dont have to wait till Mother's Day. Right folks ?

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