Japanese Sweet Potato Ondeh ondeh

I have'graduated' from my '6 months probation' into my new job role. Yes, i finally decided that 'enough is enough', i need a good rest, a decent day off, my entitlement. So yesterday afternoon, i smsed my supervisor, and she gave me the 'ok' for a weekday rest today.

After the weekly area meeting last evening, I decided to browse for 'inspiration' in NTUC for the making today. And in the wooden box were purplish Japanese sweet potato enticing me, drawing my attention. It was at the special price of 19 cts per 100g. I chose 5 cute looking sweet potatoes, all 500g ++, and decided that ondeh ondeh shall be the making today.

I simply love the strong purplish look of the sweet potatoes that needed no extra coloring. Yes, that my favourite color too. Together with orange, pink etc. Color your world ladies.

Following Florence's easy to follow receipe, this is my fresh homemade Japanese Sweet Potato ondeh ondeh coated with dessicated coconut.

Yumz, it goes well with a nice cuppa of tea or coffee later. Irresistable!

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