"cosmopolitan" sushi

Mom has been 'nagging' about the short rice which was bought by me for sushi making. It was like ages since I last made sushi for makan. And since my 'picky' brother is on business trip, we can mix and eat easy, delightful meal.

And so, after baking the chiffon cake, I gathered all the ingredients available and ended up with cosmopolitan sushi. well, theres the seaweed wrap(japan), the sushi short rice (japan), ham (local), carrot(malaysia), cucumber(malaysia), otak(local), crispy seaweed pork floss(local) all in the wraps. interesting taste too i must say. Theres sweetness from the carrot, slight saltish flavour from the ham, spice with the otak and crisp crunch of the cucumber. and guess what, we had bak kut chicken soup instead of the conventional miso soup. how original can one get?

that was how i spent my Sunday afternoon, baking and cooking for my Mom and my sisters.

Green Tea Chiffon Cake

I was reading the ST Lifestyle earlier on today. And there, on my favourite food pages were the glorious pages of food, food, food. And yes, chiffon cake is the selection for the day. Looks like chiffon cakes are emerging as the new HOT favourite with the many varieties to tempt every taste buds.

I was 'debating' to myself this afternoon about going to Prime Supermarket or NTUC to get the promotional priced butter for keeps in the fridge for my next bakes. Well, as the thought lingered, the rain started. With that, simply, it means, I will stay at home and bake then, I declared to Mom.

Automatically, I picked up my handwritten book filled with receipes from various sources. And it dawned upon me that my last attempt at baking a chiffon cake was last year. Seems the right time to give it a try again I reckon, being that I have improved on my skills. ( i believe so. i guess.)

I chose the green tea chiffon cake receipe from Florence. As I do not own a cake mixer, every step was hard work with my pair of hands. From creaming to mixing to whisking to blending etc. Oh, my arms ache. To add to it all, despite the rain, the air was humid. So there I was, perspiring in strain, enduring and engaging my utmost effort to whisk the egg whites till stiff peak. Phew.

Yeah, finally! A normal, well baked, decent risen look for a chiffon cake. Notwithstanding that the surface looks kinda burnt, but the texture is soft. Just look at that. I am pleased. Very pleased with myself.

Not the 'kueh' look anymore, was the comment from my sister.

Indeed, it looks like a Green Tea Chiffon Cake afterall.


Steamed banana cake

With its two toned look, at first glimpse, it looks like a hamster on wheels. Then, let your imagination run abit more, its a brown beetle car on light yellow 'wheels'.
This is my 1st attempt of steamed banana cake yesterday noon. This is a receipe which I found in Aunty Lucy's website recently. My mom loves banana cake and coming across this steamed version just sets me on ready mode to attempt the making. As always, Aunty Lucy's receipes are direct and clear. Being a good student, I followed the steps and managed to get this cake ready within an hour.
And yes, the texture of the cake was soft especially when it was warm. Yumz yummy. And the texture is still moist and soft even though it was kept in the fridge over night. A winner receipe for keeps and yes, thank you Aunty Lucy, you are always the link for the goodness surrouding bakes.


Fruit Pastry Cake

Lovely isnt it. Blame me not for being so honestly showing off this 'art work' of mine. I had 'wows' from friends who only had view of this via mms only. Wicked one would say of me with just the picture to show around, however, taste beyond them far. Hahhah.

Well, this fruit pastry cake, a receipe from Vi from Imperial Kitchen is a winner with my family members. And this was baked 2 weeks ago after one of those weekly grocery shop in NTUC. Uh huh, the strawberries, the fresh black plums and the fresh blueberries, grabbed and placed into the shopping basket, with it came the magical freshness of goodness all in one bake. How greedy can one be? Thats me you would pointing at. I would respond in glee coz its my family whom i wish to please.

Somehow still hopeful to try out more varied bakes as time goes by. Its a hobby, a passion, something i enjoy to utilise my valuable time. Hope its the same for you, fellow bakers & food lovers and all. Life is short, lets eat to our delight. Ah yes, in moderation, a reminder for all, lest we regret and pray that we should have eaten less instead of more. =p