Marble Cake

The craving comes, the action kicks in. This applies to me very often. And today, my craving is into chocolatety cake. Not the conventional dark chocolate brownies coz Mom's not into dark chocolately stuff. Ah yes, marble cake, the thought just 'hits' the mind waves.
This is my second attempt at baking marble cake. The receipe is from my favourite Aunty Lucy's blog page.
I am still far from attaining the "artistic" look. Alas. The consolation is that this is an improved version from the 1st trial. Moreover, I've got better 'feel' during the making. Which also means that this taste better than the last round. Thumbs up, a pat on my own back. Once in awhile, we ought to encourage ourselves rather than wait for others to motivate us. Being a go getter as I am, this is how I spur myself daily.
And while typing this, the whiff of mixed spice biscuits baking fills the whole house in the aroma of fragrance. Simply therapeutic. Nice.

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