Blueberry cake

Yes, yes, its blueberry craze again. Just last week, blueberries were like selling for $5 ++ a punnet at NTUC. And to think that its the blueberries season now, that was considered expensive.

But hye, NTUC advertised on ST on 6 Jun. The blueberries are going off the shelf at the special price of $2.99 till 8 Jun 08. Now, thats something worth 'celebrating'. Money saving and fruitydelicious. So off I went today and grabbed 3 punnets. Mom will 'nag' again if she knew I had bought blueberries again. Well, thats before 'clearing' the 2 punnets of frozen blueberries for this yoghurt blueberry cake.

I just love the moist and softness in every bite. And indulged I did. After dinner, I had small slices of the cake and with one scoop of blueberries icecream as dessert. Sinful you can call it.

Anyway, it was perfect way to complete the precious weekend. Yes, work resumes in a couple of hours time. Back to reality!


Shreenee said...


I have been searching for a recipe for a soft moist cake with fruits of choice. could I please have the recipe for this blueberry cake as shown on the picture.

Yan said...

hi shreenee

this receipe is from Zu's blogpage. have a browse into her blogsite at :