Blueberry Crumble Cake

Yes, yes, blueberries again. Hye, in case you are unaware, blueberries contain anti oxidants which are good for our bodies. Oh, here i go again, making justification for my craving.

Last Sunday, I decided to bake one of my favourite receipe,Blueberry crumble cake with chopped macadamia nuts. The macadamia nuts were bought from Sun Lik about 2 months back and the pack has been 'sitting' in the fridge. Just look at the pictures, just look at that!

This receipe was from the ST's weekly Mind & Body. Simply enjoy the crunchiness and freshness of the macadamia nuts with every spoonful bite. Mom enjoyed it too as she favours cakes with the extra 'umph' i.e. the crunch factor. In fact, Mom and I love walnuts and macadamia nuts. Thats why we are so similar in many ways. I wont dwell into that too deeply though.

Thoroughly enjoyed the baking process. Lovely way to a perfect precious Sunday.


kium said...


I think u really need to get a new camera this weekend, the photos are not doing justice to your bakes.
H/w, never judge a book by its cover, should taste good!

rgds, cakey

Yan said...
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Aimei said...

This looks really good I'm sure! I love any crumbly.. Can use frozen blurberries? :)

Yan said...

hi aimei

tks for dropping by.
yes, you can use frozen blueberries.