"cosmopolitan" sushi

Mom has been 'nagging' about the short rice which was bought by me for sushi making. It was like ages since I last made sushi for makan. And since my 'picky' brother is on business trip, we can mix and eat easy, delightful meal.

And so, after baking the chiffon cake, I gathered all the ingredients available and ended up with cosmopolitan sushi. well, theres the seaweed wrap(japan), the sushi short rice (japan), ham (local), carrot(malaysia), cucumber(malaysia), otak(local), crispy seaweed pork floss(local) all in the wraps. interesting taste too i must say. Theres sweetness from the carrot, slight saltish flavour from the ham, spice with the otak and crisp crunch of the cucumber. and guess what, we had bak kut chicken soup instead of the conventional miso soup. how original can one get?

that was how i spent my Sunday afternoon, baking and cooking for my Mom and my sisters.

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