Red Wine Berry Paste Snow Skin Moonies

After reading the Lifestyle page today about the making of snow skin moonies, I decided to practice the making of the snow skin moonies again today.
I want to master the 'soft' texture. The recent batch of the snow skin moonies had turned hard after the 3th day even though it was kept in the air tight container in the fridge. There was condensation of water drops in the container as well. Hmmm... Perhaps I had overkneaded. Perhaps I had not added enough ice water. Perhaps, I had not 'rested' the dough before I started the moulding. So many possibilities.

I had my mind set on using the red wine berry paste. And I must agree that the aroma of the red wine seems 'stronger' than last year's. Even my sister commented that she could smell the whiff of the liquor 'looming' in the kitchen air. Especially today when the air is cool and moist with the glooming grey skies.

And this time round, I was more generous with the fresh milk portion and hence reduced the ice water in the proportionate amount. The texture of this batch is much softer than my recent 1st batch. Mom commented that the skin texture was much softer too.

Yes, I like the pinky look. So pretty.

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