Strawberry Marshmellow

I wanted to 'challenge' myself today in making two items, one bake and one chill concurrently. It was a crazy idea cos with no one to help me to juggle the timing, I 'almost' had a burnt marshmellow chilled cake. That would have been disasterous.

The last round I had nice jello as topping with generous portion of strawberries. However, this round, you would notice that the strawberries are nicely 'spaced' out as Mom is not into biting too many fruits for this chilled item. Taking her feedback and adjusting the jello, this is a mildly sweet cake with 'limited' strawberries and it is a simpler looking chilled cake compared to the last one which I made sometime back.

All in all, though tired from all the stirring, mixing and juggling between the oven and the fridge. It was fun. I am sure you will agree too if you share my passion too.

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