Winter Plum Blossom Flower Flaky Mooncakes (with Wholemeal Flour)

Alright, allow me to explain the 'different' look of my Winter Plum Blossom Flower Flaky Mooncakes. Other than no egg wash to glaze the top of the moonies, and the 'naked' look without the black sesame seeds toppings to 'decorate' , it was a decent turnout.

Initially, I had wanted to try making the Walnut Moonies. However, I liked the look of this receipe which has captivated me much after numerous viewing into Jestina's blogsite, Florence's and even Aunty Lucy's as well. Not only was it more interesting, it was pretty too.

Imagine my blurr-ness today. In the midst of the preparation, I realised that I had ran out of plain flour. And it was raining heavily this afternoon. No way was I going get drenched either. Rummaging through the containers, I could only find Wholemeal Flour, the closest to 'salvage' and hence the 'revamped' look.

Using the white lotus paste which I got from KCT, I made my 1st batch of Wholemeal Winter Plum Blossom Flower. The pastry feels coarse during the rolling but the taste is more 'crisp' while it was still warm from baking.

Not bad for a 1st timer I must say. Oh, I would strongly recommend the white lotus paste from KCT as it is not too sweet, and just the right fragrance, for my taste buds at least.

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