Honey 'yoghurt' cake

Just had to try new receipes with a twist. So, yesterday, I tried the baking of this Honey Yoghurt Cake. The original name of this cake is Honey Sour Cream Cake. However, I replaced sour cream with plain yoghurt. And instead of chopped mixed nuts, I used sliced almond pieces. This being a receipe extracted from a foreign baker, i.e. you can imagine how much the amount of sugar and honey I had to reduce from the receipe. As the saying goes, never follow blindly. /span>

However, I must admit that the process of the making was tedious. As I do not own a cake mixer, everything had to be done manually. The creaming of the sugar and the oil, followed with the adding of the eggs yolks to cream till white. Next will be the blending of the yoghurt and the flour, and then the whisking of the egg whites till stiff. And to complete it all, the batter is to be blended nicely with the egg whites till well combined. At the end of the making process, my arms were aching. Wish someone can buy me a Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday. Or a Kenwood mixer will be good too. Hahah, dream on.

During the baking process, it did not seem that the cake was rising well. Instead of the normal 50 mins, I had to bake it for an hour as it was too moist and not fully cooked. It was Mom who asked me to stop the bake coz the exterior of the cake was getting abit too dark, and for fear it will end up 'chow ta'.

Looks can be deceiving. Just look at how soft and light the texture of my 1st attempt at this receipe. Ya, I did 'nail' the receipe well and good except, perhaps, I should have reduced the sugar and honey even more as Mom thought it was sweeter than my usual bakes.

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