Marbled "nutty" cake

Skipped the baking last week as I was really 'drained' out, yups, from the work'affairs'.

So today, without hesitation, I sprang into my weekly bake action again. I was drooling over anything chocolatety. My sister bought two lovely slices of chocolate cakes from Cendele, which was shared between the 3 of us. However, that was not enough to satisfy my palate. The craving was insatiable.

Yes, off I went to the nearest NTUC and bought a 200ml of Meiji fresh milk, a packet of natural healthy mixed nuts. Viola, this is my Marbled "nutty" cake. Mom simply adores crunch in the bake. I also added dashes of mixed spice into the cake setting off a whiff of natural 'spicey' fragrance.

Nothing is more pleasurable than to indulge in homebaked delight. Trust me, I enjoy the bake and of course, the taste of my cake with my own hands.

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