Chocolate Cream cheese cake

I had been eyeing the lovely chocolate cream cheese cake receipe from Aunty Peony's blogsite, seen also in Florence's blogsite as well as from others from the Imperial Kitchen and decided that I shall give the receipe a try today.

Probably I had 'wrongly' estimated the ingredients and being in the 'rush' of time, I made a quick dash effort of mix, cream and blend. So, instead of the lovely layered chocolate cream cheese cake, mine turned out to be the original 'blend' of chocolate cream cheese cake with chocolate chips.

The cake was rising beautifully in the oven and the aroma filled the whole house. However, my 'rush' time had me taking out the cake before it was fully baked. Though Mom and my other sister was at home and probably they could have 'eyed' the oven and 'assist'. Then again, I was concerned if they were capable of handling the oven and pans as such. Yes, whenever I bake, I rule the whole kitchen so I never roped in their help in any way.

Luckily, the cake though shrunk at the sides and 'collapsed' in the centre, was still edibly moist and soft. Even Mom who was not a chocolate cake fan had a slice and was agreeable with the bake's softness.

Well, a non professional, no training, but an avid learner can be more original than anyone can imagine. Dont you agree ?

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