Fruit Pastry Cake

Lovely isnt it. Blame me not for being so honestly showing off this 'art work' of mine. I had 'wows' from friends who only had view of this via mms only. Wicked one would say of me with just the picture to show around, however, taste beyond them far. Hahhah.

Well, this fruit pastry cake, a receipe from Vi from Imperial Kitchen is a winner with my family members. And this was baked 2 weeks ago after one of those weekly grocery shop in NTUC. Uh huh, the strawberries, the fresh black plums and the fresh blueberries, grabbed and placed into the shopping basket, with it came the magical freshness of goodness all in one bake. How greedy can one be? Thats me you would pointing at. I would respond in glee coz its my family whom i wish to please.

Somehow still hopeful to try out more varied bakes as time goes by. Its a hobby, a passion, something i enjoy to utilise my valuable time. Hope its the same for you, fellow bakers & food lovers and all. Life is short, lets eat to our delight. Ah yes, in moderation, a reminder for all, lest we regret and pray that we should have eaten less instead of more. =p


Cranberry said...

Wow Yan, very pretty fruit pastry cake you ve made. Lovely isn't it? I made 2 big trays last nite for a tea-party today. Everyone gave a thumbs-up for this :)

Yan said...

Jestina, xie xie for the encouragement. yes, this receipe is indeed a must have keepz.