Steamed banana cake

With its two toned look, at first glimpse, it looks like a hamster on wheels. Then, let your imagination run abit more, its a brown beetle car on light yellow 'wheels'.
This is my 1st attempt of steamed banana cake yesterday noon. This is a receipe which I found in Aunty Lucy's website recently. My mom loves banana cake and coming across this steamed version just sets me on ready mode to attempt the making. As always, Aunty Lucy's receipes are direct and clear. Being a good student, I followed the steps and managed to get this cake ready within an hour.
And yes, the texture of the cake was soft especially when it was warm. Yumz yummy. And the texture is still moist and soft even though it was kept in the fridge over night. A winner receipe for keeps and yes, thank you Aunty Lucy, you are always the link for the goodness surrouding bakes.


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