American Carrot Cake

Its been quite some while as I deliberated on the abstainence after my recent chicken pox 'outbreak'. (assurance granted, it wasnt that bad either). I was told to stay away from eggs for as long as I can. ( eh, 100 days i hear). However, my mind questioned on how could 3 medium size eggs, in a average size home baked cake could affect the scars, which as it seems, are taking the longest time to heal. Patience behold, well, forgotten i have, that gone are the days when youthful as I was before when speedy healing was at its peak, versus now age as catches up, so scars healing takes time. Time indeed, waits for no man.
Digress I shall not. Yes, allow me to re introduce the all time favourite of mine, the American Carrot Cake. This receipe was borrowed from none other than Aunty Lucy. There was this craving that was unstoppable. I love the natural aroma of spices and herbs. Thoroughly enjoyed the process of inhaling the aroma of the mixed spices during the mixing process, and the whiff of the mixed spice when the cake was in the oven baking, the fragrance lingers the whole house. Divine is the word. Its truly therapeutic for me. A great way for destressing as all focus were on ensuring that the bake not only has to be well baked, (not overbaked), in good shape ( and not in flop), and the taste must be the right too, and of course, hopefully better than before.
Yes, the main critic, my Mom, loves it, so that would mean that it is a pass rate! She nodded as she finished up a slice which initially she felt was too big a slice. Well, I enjoyed a 'slimmer' slice of the cake myself too, the crunch of the generous walnut pieces, with the grated carrots.
A lovely carrot cake which will last for another day I suppose.

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