Snow Skin Mini Mooncakes

With half pack of green tea paste still "sitting" in the fridge compartment, undue "pressure" caught on me to "clear" it soon and very soon. And somehow with the Mooncake festival around the corner, well, next month actually, I pondered on the possibility of making snow skin mooncakes.

Rather than relying on cooking classes from various biz opportunists, offering to teach at $40 per session with few varieties to be learnt over a 3 hours period, lets give the online blogs receipes a try, that was my thinking then.

After spending countless hours drooling and viewing through the varies methods of making the snow skin, I came across the following receipe and the product turned out decent and edible.

Ingredients :

200g kor fun (gao fen in chinese) shifted

70 g shortening

150 g icing sugar

210 ml ice cold water

1/2 tsp apple green coloring

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

the balance green tea paste

Steps :

1. Sift gao fen & icing sugar into large mixing bowl.

2. Make a well in the centre, add shortening and essence to mix.

3. Pour in cold water, and hand knead to soft smooth dough.

4. Add coloring to mix and pinch out dough of 25 g each with 30g of filling aside.

5. Roll out each dough to thin circle large enough to wrap the ball filling. (Do this between 2 sheets of plastic wrap)

6. Press the wrapped up dough into the wooden mini mooncake moulds that has been lightly dusted with gao fen.

7. Knock mooncakes out and store in airtight containers in fridge.

8. Best consumed freshness within 3 days from the making.

Notes :

a. the above portions makes for more than 24 mini mooncakes. so adjust the ingredients accordingly.

b. you can replace other flavoured paste to your liking; and some even recommended adding green tea powder for the snowskin to enhance the green tea paste.

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