Ondeh Ondeh

Mom's the priority when it comes to researching for homemade sweet bites catering to her taste buds. Yes, she's got sweet tooth, and so do I. Mom is already in her early 60s, I've been 'warned' by my sisters to watch and balance her intake by varying the types of food she consumes and in moderation is the word.

Knowing that Mom loves ondeh ondeh and whenever we buy it from the neighbourhood shops or even from the popular Bengawan Solo, a box mini bite size of 4 could cost easily close to $2. (rounded up) I went about surfing and happen to chance upon a receipe which seemed easy. My first attempt on the making of the ondeh ondeh turned out awesome. Soft, tender, chewy texture with the melted gula melaka oozing in the mouth with every mouth bite. Though the making was yesterday and kept under covers in room temperature, it was still as good. Perhaps the humid cold weather for the last 2 days of rain with natural chill helped.

As I have not gotten permission to publish nor share the receipe nor the source, wicked of me, some may say, but captions of my end product using my Nokia phone are appended.

A lovely dessert after dinner or even with plain tea or coffee during your tea break. Delightful indulgence.

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