Flaky Moon cakes

Attempted making the traditional brown skin mooncakes last night. And due to my over sight, the baking time was stretched and I ended up with a tray of "tough cookie" exterior with the paste instead. Pretty disappointed at the 1st trial failure.

Undeterred, i browsed more blogs this morning for inspiration from a few home made chefs and decided to give the making of flaky mooncakes a try instead.
Though the steps seemed easy at a glance, the actual practical hands on was not so. Perhaps I had been too forceful in rolling the water & oil dough together that the 1st ball became dry initially. From thence, I took care to apply gentle, patient moves to roll the dough and managed to salvage the final product.

After about 2 1/2 hours, there were 9 loose flaky pastry with the lotus seed paste topped with white sesame seeds.
This being my 1st attempt, I am pleased at the end product with the texture looking pretty indeed and edible flaky pastry. I had followed the receipe very closely from Jo's Deli & bakery. ( Thanks for sharing the receipe !)

Well, at least now I am a step closer to knowing how my favourite "dou sa ping" can be made using the same method.

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