I have wasted no time in wanting to learn more about cooking and baking once it kicked started this year with a box of premix blueberry muffin which my sister purchased from Cold Storage early this year. Now, the round, 34 inch, long neglected, fixed temperature at 200 degress celsius, stand alone oven which my late Dad bought for us has been "revived" to action again.

In so long ago during my schooling days when Home Econs was a subject matter which I dreaded. Reflecting back, it sets me wondering why I am such a later starter to dwell into the kitchen atmosphere. Of course, undeniable is the washing up, chopping, mixing, etc and lastly cleaning up which deters me. However, now it turns out to be rather therapautic for me.

What caught on were typical and unstoppable passion, interest or whatever you may call it. Relentlessly, not only did the Community Library become my source of inspiration, fabulous blogs of many career working Asian moms, who are also innovative cooks / bakers. They have opened the windows of wonders into the arena of cooking / baking with such ease. Unselfishly, they share and provided easy, step by step instructions, giving the home made freshness a new breathe, a different twist, new innovations from impromptu ideas.

And much to the delight of my Mom and siblings who have now become my immediate and closest food testers and commentators. Though there are occassions when somehow, they have asked me to slow down the pace of my unsuppressible urge to whip up some new foodies on their plates.

As new and as amateur as I am currently, theres lots to catchup on in the lovely aroma of the cooking / baking domain which whips up delightful smiles to those who consumes or eats it.

A new hobby, interest or passion, whatever you call it, indeed enjoyable. Trust me.

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