Honey Chitron Chiffon Cake

How I missed taking photos of my bakes ...

I have been busy and had been lazy...

With the recent 'uproar' about eggs, there in my fridge, was 6 large Chews' eggs waiting to be 'devoured'. Expiry date = 31 Jul 2010. My mind screamed " next week ?!!!" Gotta do something quick and fast not to waste the eggs.

Hmmm... something soft and light would be good coz last week I baked buttery cake which was gist too heavy.

Then the bottle of Korean Honey Chitron Tea on the dining table caught my eyes. Honey Chitron Chiffon Cake it shall be and there I went again.... mixing, whisking, folding, pouring and baking.

The dampness of yesterday afternoon makes the whiff of fresh bake lingers even sweeter in the whole house. (i mean just a simple 4 room HDB flat). And Mom was asking "smells good, is the cake ready for eating ?"

Yes, I must make it a point to bake and get my passion on track, otherwise I would lose my touch. As it is homebaked freshness surpasses maketh from love and passion whips a different fill for the stomach.

Cheerios !

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