Fried Rice & Supreme Chocolate Cake

Somehow managed to work out a compromise with Mom that spring cleaning will be kept to a minimal today and then dinner will be fried rice by me. Telepathy you may say, fried rice was THE choice concurred from the start in the morning.

After spring cleaning, a little rest, had some time in the afternoon before dinner time, so I tried the making of the receipe titled Supreme Chocolate Cake. Topped it with walnuts and added some Hersey's mini semi sweet chocolate bites into it as well. If you like bitter chocolate, this the one for you.

Then comes the fried rice, mixed vegetables, char siew, eggs, bite size pineapples and viola, heres a simple dish ready to be served for dinner for Mom and my siblings.

Arms feels extremely well toned today. Yeah, work off that 'butterflies', if you know what I mean.


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