Rum Mixed Fruits Sponge Cake

Feeling feverish the previous weekend, followed by coughs for the last 2 weeks have deterred me from my favourite past time, baking. Had not been sleeping well until recently, when the coughs started to ease and yes, constant reminder again, health is important yah, folks bear that in mind too.

Anyway, I was browsing Food Gawker webpage the other day and came across this Rum Raisin Sponge Cake which looks yummliciously soft and tempting, well, you know the rum added raisin thought just sends me grinning somehow. Alcoholic I am not, but anytime get me Rum and Raisin ice cream, you wont disappoint me, not at all.

I was looking for golden raisins for the bake, but was not able to find any in NTUC, so instead I got a box dried mixed fruit and soaked in with 2 tbsp of Meyers Dark Rum last night.

Started my bake straight after lunch and viola, this is the lovely product. Just drool at the sight of the spongy softness of the cake and the right sweetness too.

As for the rum bit, even non alcoholic sister was not able to decipher as it was not overwhelming unlike the traditional fruit cake which is overly soaked and overly sweet.

Looks like this is THE receipe to replace the conventional fruit cake receipe. Enjoy the picture whilst I enjoy my home baked cake. Nice way to a weekend past time for me.

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eliza said...

your cake looks good! it'll be nice if you can link my blog here in the post too!