French Sponge Cake

I happen to be at the Community Library the other day and spotted a Alex Goh's cake baking book and upon flipping the pages, I am amazed at the bakes within. And yes, I will try to get my hands on the books for my own mini library too, soon hopefully.

Meanwhile, rather than just baking chiffon cake, I was eyeing the receipe for French Sponge cake and thought it looked simple for me to try and hence I whipped up and baked the cakes in muffin cups rather than cake tin in less than 1.5hrs.

The sponge cake are spongy, soft,light and just the right sweetness. This is a better and easier receipe to follow than the regular sponge cake receipe which I had attempted earlier.

My siblings and Mom's likes this cake and even my sister's colleagues enjoyed the sponginess and looking forward to more bakes from me to please their palate. Its free sampling for them coz I have baked quite a fair bit.

Sweet bitez.


tracieMoo said...

looking pretty good! =)

Yan said...

thank you Tracie gal for your compliment.