Abacus Beads (Chinese Yam Gnocchi) @Shuan Pan Zi

Its been some time since I last did this home made Abacus Beads, Shuan Pan Zi, a festive delight for Hakka or Canto during CNY. Its symbolic for good fortune, prosperity... of coz... ker ching.... $$$$ abundance....
Mom and younger sister has been nudging and craving for this dish. Those sold outside were costly and not as delightful compared with the generous servings of ingredients and flavour which I will usually dish up.

So, over the weekend, I bought a round yam from NTUC and the tapoica and rice flour and minced meat freshly purchased this morning. And all in all, I spent 3 hours in the kitchen today. Yupz, there was a slight mess of flour on table and the kitchen floor coz I was abit 'rough' when kneading the dough and it was kinda windy today.
But it was funny coz I enjoyed the messed up look. Probably deprived of masa masa kitchen during child hood days.... its 'payback' time. Well, the cleaning up was done by myself as well, so nothing gained... but more work to do after the mess I made.

After the slicing, pounding, boiling, marinating, soaking, frying etc, heres the end product of 2 plateful of fresh home made abacus beads with lotsa minced meat, dried shrimps, Chinese mushroom.

Mom had 2 bowlfuls and was full of praise with compliments that pleases me very much. It was delightful to see that she enjoys the dish as much as I enjoyed the process of making even though I had to skip lunch just to complete this dish to satisfaction.

Mom had asked me to prepare this dish for next CNY coz this is a festive dish.
Well, I will definately try.

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