Custard Crisp biscuit

I've got this receipe in my to do list for the longest time. And every time, I would end up with something else in the bake, and its usually a cake.

However, today, I decided that its time to give my family members a 'deserving' break from my cakes. Or should I say, I was in no mood to bake a cake.

Instead, I worked my hands on baking this custard crisp biscuit.

The easy to follow steps to preparing the dough was a breeze. And if you love anything custardy, you would love the strong aroma of the baking custard, especially when it was almost ready to be out from the oven, ready for its show case, ready for thy bite.

As for the simple lines across the biscuit, it was formed from the use of just an ordinary fork 'impression'. Decent looking right?

Yupz, got thumbs up for this receipe.


Receipe extract :
Plain flour 180g
Custard powder 150g
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
Butter 180g
Icing sugar 120g
Castor sugar 1 tbsp
Egg 1

Steps :
a. sift dry ingredients. set aside
b. cream butter & sugar until light and fluffy. beat egg in.
c. stir in dry ingredients. mix well.
d. with floured hands, shape dough into balls per tsp of dough
e. place on cookie tray, dip fork in flour, press down centre of each ball
f. bake for 15 mins @ 175 degrees celsius.


The Incidental Chef said...

Ur custard biscuits look so yummy! Can u pleez share the recipe?

Aimei said...

This looks good. :) Did you use the custard powder?

Yan said...

hi 'the incidental chef' :
thanks for dropping by ....
will type in receipe soon....

hi aimei :
yes, i used custard powder for this receipe...


The Incidental Chef said...

Thks for sharing the recipe!! Will post pic after i bake them.

The Incidental Chef said...

Hi yan,

As promised, here is the pic of the custard biscuits I baked yesterday - http://i424.photobucket.com/albums/pp329/aquariusgal66/custardbiscuits-2types.jpg

I actually baked 2 versions of custard biscuits - the ones with fork markings is ur recipe. Theyre melt in mouth texture. The recipe for the bigger crinkly ones is taken from here -http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/dessert-recipes/members/custard-biscuits. The texture is crispy outside but slightly chewy in the middle. I added orange zest to ur recipe and omitted the white chocolate in the other recipe. My kids cant decide which recipe they liked better - cos both taste awesome!

Yan said...

wah, incidental chef, your cookies look lovelier than mine. yumz.

Yuri said...

Hi Yan, the biscuits look really good. Need to clarify, only ONE TBSP of castor sugar?

Yan said...

hi yuri,

yups just one tablespoon of castor sugar cos the receipe has 120g of icing sugar added. i believe the castor sugar acts as sweetener.