Light Fruit Cake

Christmas decorations are up in most shopping centres and most retails shops are out full fledged to capture the hearts of as many in the spirit of giving and sharing,bringing some cheers during this festive season.

Though this may not be the best time of the year amid so many uncertainties, however, external factors as such not within our control, lets eat and be merry and take each day as it comes. (ie. wilful escapade from the reality of financial gloom = recession).

Well, that been said, I have had been buying fruit cakes, and I mean really rich fruit cakes from St Michael's, have eaten during the buffet spread every Christmas etc, and most of you will agree that it is richly sweet and moist. And so, having seen how Aunty Lucy has done a wonderful twist to the given word of LIGHT Fruit Cake, it was simply a must to try the baking.

A non alcoholic person as I am, unknown to many though it may seem, the 6 tbps of the smell of the rum got me "high" (floaty). Unimaginable, but the whiff and then the inhale can "hit" my senses weak. So do not even begin to suggest to make me drink liquor.

Thanks to Aunty Lucy, I baked my very first Light Fruit Cake. And my staff members gave it a thumbs up even from one who told me that it was good enough for her to take an extra slice though she usually does not take fruit cake at all. Ok lah, she give me some 'face' lor. hahaha...

Jolly good start. More bakes to come coz I am on leave next 2 weeks. Yes, officially applied my leave finally.


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