Eggless Mixed Spices Bread

For those who have read my posting in Imperial Index, I am still in the recovering state from my delayed chicken pox 'controlled' outbreak. yupz, getting chicken pox at my age is no joke i must let you know. And so, for those of you who have yet to 'experience' the outbreak, go for your jabs or you will regret as I am because I have to keep to simple and light diet for next 100 days it seems. So no seafood, no fried stuff, no chicken meat, no eggs, no beans, no chillies or curry or spicy stuff. Boy, feeling so deprived.

With that, it also means that any bakes that I want to attempt to bake has to be eggless and not so oily too. Hence, using the same sweet bun receipe from Lee Lee, I had to tweak the receipe to suit my present needs. So this turned out to be a fair looking, soft white, mixed spices power bread. I must confess that using self raising flour instead of bread flour and plain flour was a grave mistake though the bread turned out edible and soft. It was tiring during the hands on dough making process. Naturally, my arms are still aching from the strain caused yesterday. (especially when i had to try all means to get the yeast to ferment and for the dough to rise, that was fruitless 2 hours of waiting and reattempting to roll the dough. conclusion then was = no more wrong usage of flour!)

Nonetheless, it was great fun to 'play with food' again yesterday and the fragrance emitted from the bake is simply heavenly and yes, its the freshness of it all that makes it all worth while.

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