Strawberry Grapes Marshmellow cake

oh yes, i have been rather busy at work, managing new group of individuals who are new to me as i am to them. Starting afresh in a new environment with new working colleagues can be a toll if not for this hobby cum passion i can indulge myself in by immersing thoroughly into the frame of mind in perfecting the look, taste, color and layout of the cake.

this has been one of the favourites which i have been drooling over from the posts from LeeLee of Baking Mom and Jestina from Hut of Cranberry. And over the weekend, i finally decided that my craving was beyond restrain and i took a ride from my brother who was heading towards town area, and he drove me to the nearest NTUC at Bukit Panjang. Boy, i was glad to grab one punnet of strawberries and one punnet of dark colored seedless grapes and HL fresh milk.

upon reaching home, i took out the receipe and started working on the biscuit base using digestive biscuits and unsalted butter. followed by the marshmellow layer and then the jello layer after freezing the sliced strawberries and bite size seedless grapes. all the works of boiling, chilling, freezing, slicing, mixing, stirring were all worthwhile.

my sisters and Mom gave thumbs up for this and looking at the pictures, i am glad that this round of the making of this strawberry and grapes marshmellow cake turned out wonderful 2nd attempt. i simply love the color, the taste and yes, every bite was gorgeous goodness of pleasure indeed.

thank you LeeLee for sharing the wonderful receipe. yumz.


Aimei said...

I've not made such a cake before. Did you use mashmellow? I have half packet, don't how to utilise it. But it is multi coloured though...don't can it be used for this?? :P

Yan said...

yoz Aimei...
oopz... this is a late late reply from me... *blush*
i believe colored marshmellows will give pastel look to the marshmellow layer... shld be interesting... try it and lemme know the outcome ya. =D

Cranberry said...

Yan, good attempt! This cake is so refreshing yeah! We did some baking at my sis's place today. Besides, egg tarts, muffins, custard puffs, we did one marshmallow cake too.

Yan said...

i ought to say that i can only manage one bake a week.
I cant help but wonder how you can juggle so many varieties at one go. You are amazing leh. kudos !!!!