Blueberry crumble

Oops, pardon me for being so disorganised that my blogs are been keyed in not in sequential order. this one was baked like 3 months back i think. {oh, what the heck, right, its postings to share of the little efforts in the baking scene of mine. (*blush*)}

This receipe was from the one of the weekly Urban receipes which instantly got me into the state of mind = " i wanna try to bake this! looks yummy!" we are all 'looped' and has accepted practically that prices of everything else are rising except our fixed pay (thats work life people. so be real! ). and my mind was like, ok, if a slice of this cost about $5 at those air con cafes, lets make more slices by topping it up abit more and baking it myself.

Bought 2 punnets of blueberries from NTUC during one of their special price period, and went about baking this cake which was well liked especially by my 3rd sister who enjoyed the crunch of the crumble before sinking her teeth into the moist bit of the cake itself, savouring each mouthful indulging in the freshness of blueberries, a mix of sweet and sour.

try it too if you have the cutting of the urban receipe. otherwhich, i can recommend my favourite Aunty Yochana's blogsite to discover more receipes too !!!

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