Fried Pumpkin Cake

To disengage myself from the discomfort of my state, i resorted to helping Mom clear the 'due to expire' glutinous rice flour. Rummaging through the fridge, i found a quarter pumpkin and remembered my favourite blogger, Aunty Yochana's receipe on Fried Pumpkin Cake. And i distinctly remembered her typing that its "delicious". Pumpkin has always been Mom's favourite and with the twist that this receipe offers with the sweetness from the lotus seed paste, i believe it would be an instant hit.

So there i go again, taking up almost 3 hours with the mashing of steamed pumpkin, mixing the flour and all ingredients together with the mashed steamed pumpkin into a dough, then making into more than 40 portions. and tada ~ heres my round round version of the fried pumpkin cake with some 'naked' roundies coz i ran out of white sesame seeds. and i must agree that it taste delish especially when eaten warm and goes well with a nice cuppa of afternoon tea of kopi break.

Thank you Aunty Lucy for the receipe to the 'rescue'!

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