Fruit Pastry

howdi, its been months since i last blogged on my bakes and stuff. allow me to explain.
  • my Nokia handphone 'died' on me some months back and it took me awhile to find the suitable replacement in Samsung E950. ( i am still looking for another handphone as this is still not the ONE!). And being a non techno geek, it was only recently that i managed to 'squeeze' time to figure out the functions and features of this new gadget.
  • i had started on a new job few months back and was overcoming the odds of many changes, ie new workplace, new learnings, new colleagues, new systems etc... well, that kept me away from this leisure passion of mine. (and i believe i lost weight too. in the healthy way).
  • and of coz, now i am typing now with a new pc which my sister decided to 'invest' in as the old pc was really 'tortoise slow' and kept 'hanging' (you know, stalling and taking the 'longest' time to engage to next screen etc)

and now, i am resuming my leisure hobby again, and yes, its making time, proper planning must kick in otherwise, its no fun manz, all work and no play. no ~ no~. =p

This fruit pastry was baked last month following an amazing lady, Vi from Imperial Index of which i have been a member since last year. i had an assortment of canned mixed tropical fruit cocktail (p.s. i was assigned the task to do 'clear' it) and fresh blueberries. and i remembered Vi's receipe in Imperial and so i went about doing the bake. {then again, i believe that it would even be better if i had used fresh fruits instead.}

Nonetheless, i love the receipe and the texture. it is a keeper indeed! thankz Vi !

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