Traditional brown skinned mini moonies

After 3 failed attempts in the making of the traditional brown skinned mooncakes, I must say I was really on the verge of giving up, you know, as in surrending white flag. Even my most supportive Mom was commenting about the wastage as in the hardened products were not edible and had to be thrown. The consolation was that the portions were small hence it was not huge wastage.

Then again, I have been told that baking brown skinned mooncakes are more challenging than making snow skin mooncakes. Not only on the baking timing, but also other areas like the kneading process etc. Then again, I was deep down curious to get to the root and find out what went wrong.

Last Saturday night, as I was browsing through the delightful, colorful pages of Florence latest blog pictures loaded with the wonderful creations of her baked and snow skin moonies, thick headedly I consulted her online about the hows and whats.

Florence is an amazing lady with great patience. View her blog page at http://www.wlteef.blogspot.com/ and you will be caught up in awe and amazement at her talents. And upon her advice, I picked up my broken pieces of shattered passion and followed her precise steps very closely.

And patiently, today being the 3rd day after the baking of the moonies. Yes, the texture turned out wonderful. Thanks Florence for your guidance!


Florence said...

Hi yan,

Glad it turn out well for you.
But your photo a little small to see the nicely done mooncakes. :D

Yan's Delites said...

Hi Florence,
Enlarged the pix abit more... but may still not be clear coz i have captured it using my Nokia hp.
Got alot to catchup with you ladies in the area of baking.

Cranberry said...

Hi Yan,

Congratulations! Keep it up yah!

Yan's Delites said...

Yoz Jes
thanks for dropping by and appreciate your encouragement.