Tom Yam SeaFood Soup

For the longest time, I have been wanting to cook Tom Yam Soup at home but my family members were not "supportive" of the 'idea' back then. So, whenever my craving comes around, and if I am out shopping, I would hunt around and pop by a thai restaurant or kopi tiam which serves thai food and will order a bowl of 'must have' Tom Yam soup. Then again, you know, when the chefs are in the most generous mood, the extra lime juice will instantly change your facial expression and you will squirm with displeasure.

Recently, Mom came back from one of her usual "aunties" chit chat sessions and was sharing with us that one of the them suggested the intake of Tom Yam Soup which was good for the body. You know the aunties hearsay theory of Tom Yam for Thais, Kimchi for Koreans etc... the best of the authentics and origins, all the goodness etc.

So, on Monday, 10 September, I decided to cook Tom Yam Seafood Soup for dinner. Chose the Knorr's brand Tom Yam paste as recommended from a friend who advised me not to get the granules version as it will result in courser, sandy residue.

As this is my first attempt, I was not 'adventurous' in the cooking process. I played safe in using 1 litre Knorr's chicken broth, added lemon grass, ginger, onion, prawns, fish and 2 tbsps of Tom Yam paste with chinese parsley for garnishing. The result was a bowlful of hot, spicy Tom Yam Seafood Soup which warmed up the body with the very first sip, sending the chill away. However, I had to fine tune the spicyness down abit with a tbsp of sugar as my youngest sister was not into hot & spicy food. Mom had two bowls of the soup instead of her usual of just a bowl of soup. And most of my siblings & of course myself loved the soup too.

Cooking has indeed been made easier with these instant paste & sauces. Everyone can learn to cook, its just a matter of trying.

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