Chocolate Brownies

After the over indulgence into chiffon cakes baking previousy, its about time for some baking changes.

I have had this All receipes chocolate brownies for the longest time. The last chocolate brownies receipe was from another blogger.

As the afternoon heat was overbearing, I was not in the mood to travel to get the baking ingredients. And so I went to the nearby NTUC and grabbed Hersey's baking chocolate and chocolate powder for this chocolate brownies receipe.

In the midst of the baking, I forgot to add the vanilla essence, something which I usually would have generously added.

Nevertheless, this bake turned out simple, soft and just right for our taste buds.

Another sweet bake for the weekend. Nice.


Megan said...

I could go for a couple chocolatey brownies rihht now. these look tasty! :)

Yan said...

hi megan

thank you for your kind words...
got lots to learn from u ...