Thousand Layer Spiral Moonies

I have been wanting to attempt the making of the Thousand Layer Spiral Moonies since I 'laid eyes' on them in Aunty Yochana's blogsite. Baking is a breeze with Aunty, and she is always encouraging passion 'learning' bakers like myself to try the bakes ourselves too.

In fact, I had been planning and contemplating between baking the spiral or the walnut moonies since Wednesday afternoon I practically 'enticed' a colleague of mine to join me in the 'craze' of moonies making. We went to KCT together during lunch time.

She seemed 'lured' into the food world. The variety of spices, moulds, foodstuff, flours etc. It was a rush to shop and dash within 30 mins as we had only the remaining 30 mins to 'devour' our lunch before work resumes. Receipe from Aunty Yochana's white snow skin was also introduced to her and she seems pretty confident to try making it over this weekend. We shall see the end products tomorrow. That was her promise.

Back to me, yes. The paste is the durian lotus paste from KCT. And boy, I was glad I got this paste earlier cos when we went on Wednesday, there were remaining stock. It was pure delight to do the practical swiss roll thingy. The process of rolling and seeing the layers forming and the learning progresses.

Well, proudly, my Mom praised the look of these moonies. And rather than deep frying them like the usual way, mine were all baked. Thats why the look is fairly white with a tinge of brown. But, i love the spiral look in most of them.

Aint they cute ?

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