Coconut Chiffon Cake

This chiffon cake baking was totally unplanned unlike the spiral moonies. It like the spur of the moment kind of calling. Well, indirectly, my Mom's nagging. Perhaps, perhaps. Yes, its the storage space 'affair' again. I have 2 packets of coconut powder sitting in the kitchen cabinet. Oh, fret not, the expiry date is in 2009.

It wasnt a 'tall order' to make this cake but rather than using coconut milk as the original receipe from Jo's, I used Meiji fresh milk instead. In addition, I threw in a handful of washed and air dried black sesame seeds into the final mix before it was placed into the oven to bake.

To date, I have yet to get any of my friends or colleagues to get poppy seeds for me from JB and KL. Cant blame them coz they are not into baking and none seems to know what the item is. One even asked if it is 'drug', you know, the literal translation of poppy. Haiz. Innocent folk she is.

Though Aunty Yochana did 'warn' in her blog that using convection oven will 'brown' the chiffon cake faster as it is practically near the heating element, a fact I totally acknowledge. However, I am 'stuck' with the convection oven till I create space in the kitchen. Yes, you can see the browned' and even darkened sides and top of my chiffon cake.

Then again, the inner part of my chiffon cake is soft, light and bouncy. It rose nicely and the whiff of the coconut powder during the bake was 'beautiful' to inhale.

Lovely. I think I have 'nailed' the art of making chiffon cake. Yes !

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