Tang Yuan @ Dong Zhi Festival @ Winter Solstice

For the first time, well, for the longest time, I 'committed' to be in charge of home made colorful tang yuan with a twist.

Got my Mom to buy a pack of ready made 12 frozen Sesame tang yuan yesterday and the rest are hand made pinks, greens and whites added into the pot. If you can spot the bigger ones, they are filled with peanuts, yes, hand rolled by none other than me.

Always enjoy the whiff of fragrant aroma from boiling pandan leaves with slices of ginger, and with few tablespoonful of fine sugar, that is the simple syrup for the tang yuan that warms the body.

Festive celebration with a twist, colorful indeed.

Enjoy the bowlful sweetness with awe.


tracieMoo said...

Hope you have a great dong zhii festival :)

Yan said...

enjoy your dong zhi celebration tracie gal....

Amanda said...

That IS a bowl full of sweetness!!


Yan said...

thank you for dropping a note Amanda. Cheers !