Well, other than the early morning tang yuan making, I managed to squeeze in time to bake light fruit cupcakes as well.
Why not the traditional fruit cake in a round pan loaded with generous amounts of mixed dried fruits? Truth is I am not a fruit cake fan, perhaps 'overwhelmed' by the ones sold out there in the supermarkets where the richness is too sweet for my subtle tastebuds.

So here is my cupcakes version, receipe from Aunty Yochana's blogsite. You would notice that there are limited visible bites of mixed fruits with zest of an orange added.

And yes, I have soaked the dried mixed fruits with 3 tbsp of Meyer's rum over night. No intent to make anyone 'drunk' was my initial thought. Then again, its the festive season right, so I have added a spoonful of rum to the baked cupcakes to give it more moisture and of course, the extra 'rum' kick.

Cheers !

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