Chilled Mango Cheesecake

I was not in the mood to bake in this heat, but just itching to do 'something'. And as usual, noticed a bottle of Mango puree sitting in the fridge, and instantly, the idea sparked on.

This receipe is from HK Florence's blogsite. And this is the 2nd time I am trying the making.

Patience indeed is needed, chill the biscuit layer, then chill the cream cheese layer and finally the topping layer.

It is nothing close to the lovely chilled mango cheesecake in Florence's blog... well, it is delish nonetheless. Even my Mom who is not a cream cheese fan is 'won' over by this.

Yes, I hope to resume my weekly bakes... indeed therapeutic.


tracieMoo said...

hello, just dropped by. you gave me an idea of what to make next! hehe.. nice bakings.. =) keep it coming!

Yan said...

hi pretty tracieMoo gal,

thanks for dropping by....

you are a talented young lady ...