Pandan Chiffon Cake

After a sumptuous lunch treat by Mom at Ichiban Sushi yesterday noon, I had the urge to try the baking of Pandan Chiffon Cake. This is one of Mom's favourite cake. In fact, Mom has asked me not to bake any fruit based cakes and keep my bakes simple and plain. The success turnout of my recent Orange Chiffon Cake bake has spurred me on.

As you know, a simple slice from Bengawan solo would cost you close to $2 (rounded up). And of course, nothing beats home baked. The freshness, the ingredients, and of course, the "love" and patience thats put into the making.

Without hesitation, turned on the pc, surfed into Aunty Lucy's blogpage, jotted down the ingredients, went to NTUC to grab 6 large eggs, cake flour, pandan leaves and evaporated milk. One can always find the right receipes in Aunty's blogpage. In fact, spoilt for choice in what to bake 1st and what to try baking next coz Aunty's daily bakes makes baking seem like a 'breeze'.

Followed the steps and tips given by Aunty and here is the turnout. It is sunken slightly coz I removed it from the oven abit too early, and the top of the cake is kinda dense from the sugar and liquid. Luckily it did not shrink too much.

Everyone, including my office colleagues loved this cake. Though this is my 1st attempt at baking this Pandan Chiffon Cake, the turnout is airy, spongy and soft. Some even suggested that I could 'side line' into baking. Well, you never know coz a skill in hand best equips us in preparation of the unpredictable future.

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