Wife's Biscuits @ Lao Por Bing

Last week i visited Florence's blogpage during the daytime of 3 Oct and came across her latest bakes. Yes, its the popular Lao Por Bing of HK. Coincidentally, on same night, Aunty Yochana also loaded her wife's biscuits bakes in her blogpage. ' That does it,' i told myself. And very resourcefully started to search for the ingredients for the bakes the very next day and my 'desperation' (or kan cheong spirit rather)to the extent i even 'manjaing' to Aunty Yochana when the candied winter melon was not available in medical halls or even NTUC or even Cold Storage. Come to think of it, goodness me, so shy.

I managed to get the newly arrived candied winter melon last Sunday at Phoon Huat and got into the making and baking today. The process was not easy for me as i fumbled during the preparation getting confused over which shorterning weightage for which portion etc. Had a good laff at myself actually. After getting over that little huddle, the rest was easy. The rolling and wrapping was almost similar to that for the flaky mooncakes and the crispy moonies, of course with a slight twist. Check out the comprehensive steps to the receipe at Florence's blogpage at http://www.wlteef.blogspot.com/.

I simply love the aroma of the bakes and the crispy bite into the homemade freshness of my first batch of wife's biscuits. So pleased.

Thanks to Florence, the amazing lady from HK.


Cranberry said...

Wow Yan, I am drooling at your LPB! Looks really good yeh! Hope I can find time to make them myself one day :)

Yan said...


u so encouraging. thankz u.

i believe once u start baking LPB, your family, frenz & colliks will 'swarm' to u asking for more. =D

Florence said...

Good looking LPB!
Thanks for trying out the recipe! :D

Yan said...


u have provided the most user friendly receipe in order for me to make my bakes possible.

arigato !!!!

thanks for the compliments too. =p