Lemon Yoghurt Muffins

After last Tuesday's fried chicken wings for dinner, the following day I had sore throat, followed by fever, cold and coughs. Probably due to the weather also, but the main root for the sickly frame of mine, which i am certain was the 'over indulgence' of the deep fried chicken wings. Yupz, greedy me. =p

So you can imagine how 'trapped' I had been able not being able to access the kitchen to cook or to bake. Half the time for the last few days, i was blowing my 'biggy' nose one minute and then coughing within the next second. Felt so lousy. All I could do was to eat the medications timely to nurse and rebuild my stamina back again.

Feeling less zombie and much better today, i 'itched' to bake something simple. And while thinking, I searched the fridge and realised that the lemons which I bought about 2 weeks back were still untouched. One had turned mouldy, and had to be thrown away immediately. I needed to salvage ('make something good') out of the 3 remaining lemons and fast is THE word. (no wastage allowed!)

Promptly, I did a quick check online and found Aunty Yochana's receipe on Lemon Yoghurt Muffin.
http://auntyyochana.blogspot.com/2007/06/lemon-yoghurt-muffins.html and incorporated some additions of the lemon zest and the glaze touches from another webpage.

Within an hour, I had 6 lemon yoghurt muffins, 3 with lemon glaze and the balance lemon juice into a small glass of lemonade. Pretty effortless but the warm muffins are moist and soft in texture and I had to quickly take a foto shoot of the remaining 4 muffins before its all gone.


yochana said...

Thumbs Up on your blog and all your bakes. Keep up the good work!! Well Done....

rgds. aunty Yochana

Yan said...
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Yan said...

eh, Aunty, i am not exaggerating if i say i was beaming as i read your compliment. Thank you ! Arigato ! xie xie ! *blush*

then again, i know i am lagging. will try to keep pace. huff puff... =p

Cranberry said...

yummy muffins, yan! got leftover or not..bet it goes well with my tea now..hehe..

Yan said...

Jes :
aiyoh, mai tease me lah. i learner bake small qty niah. wiped out liao.

lets check out whats baking in your oven instead. =p

Aimei said...

Nice bakes you have! Great job gal! Looking forward to more of your posting..:)

Yan said...

Yoz aimei,
tks for the encouragement.